Cape Fear Box Set (1962 and 1991) DVD

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Cape Fear (1991)

Master filmmaker Martin Scorses brings heart-pounding suspense to one of the most acclaimed thrillers of all time. Fourteen years after being imprisoned, vicious psychopath Max Cady (Robert De Niro) emerges with a single-minded mission; to seek revenge on his attorney Sam Bowden (Nick Nolte). Cady becomes a terrifying presence as he menacingly circles Bowden's increasingly unstable family. Realizing he is legally powerless to protect his beautiful wife Leigh (Jessica Lange) and his troubled teenage daughter Danielle (Juliette Lewis), Sam resorts to unorthodox measures which lead to an unforgettable showdown on Cape Fear. Visually stunning images and brilliant performances from a talent cast highlight this roller-coaster ride through relentless psychological torment.

Cape Fear (1962)

Gregory Peck And Robert Mitchum star in Hollywood's classic tale of revenge and murder. Robert Mitchum is unforgettable as Max Cady, and ex-con determined to exact a terrible revenge on Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck) and his family.

Sam is a small-town lawyer whose worst nightmare comes true when the criminal he helped put away returns to stalk his beautiful young wife (Polly Bergen) and teenage daughter Lori Martin). Despite help from the local police chief (Martin Balsam) and a private detective (Telly Savalas), Sam is legally powerless to keep Max from playing his sadistic game of cat and mouse. Finally Sam must put his family's lives at stake in a deadly trap that leads to one of the most suspenseful and heart-pounding confrontations ever committed to film.

Director J. Lee Thompson builds tension with each scene leading to a deadly showdown at Cape Fear. This is truly a masterpiece of shock and suspense.


Lista de reparto:
Efectos especiales:
  • The Making of the 1991 Cape Fear,
  • Deleted Scenes,
  • Behind-the-scenes of the: Opening Credits/Fourth of July/Houseboat,
  • Photo Gallery,
  • Matte Painting Montage,
  • Theatrical Trailer,
  • Production Notes,
  • Cast and Filmmakers Biographies,
  • DVD-ROM Features,
  • The Making of the 1962 Cape Fear,
  • Production Photographs,
  • DVD Newsletter
  • Region 2
  • Aspect Ratio 2.35:1,Anamorphic Widescreen
Información de sonido:
  • Dolby Digital
Número de CD:
  • 3
Idioma principal:
  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
subtitulos idiomas:
  • English, French, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Greek, Bulgarian

  • 18


  • The Making of the 1991 Cape Fear
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Behind-the-scenes of the: Opening Credits/Fourth of July/Houseboat
  • Photo Gallery
  • Matte Painting Montage
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Production Notes
  • Cast and Filmmakers Biographies
  • DVD-ROM Features
  • The Making of the 1962 Cape Fear
  • Production Photographs
  • DVD Newsletter

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Este producto

Cape Fear Box Set (1962 and 1991)

Cape Fear Box Set (1962 and 1991) DVD

12,05 €

Ahorro: 14,47 €


Cape Fear Box Set (1962 and 1991) DVD

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Cape Fear Box Set (1962 and 1991)
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