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Space Rangers 2: Reboot

The year is 3300. A powerful race of combat robots, known only as the Dominators, has swept through our galaxy, leaving chaos and ruin in its wake.  Five humanoid races have set their differences aside and joined in a coalition to protect themselves from this deadly menace.  All hopes now lie with an assembly of defiant space rangers, charged with the task of neutralizing the alien threat. This terrible burden now falls upon your shoulders as you take up the mantle of a space ranger.  After selecting a character from any race in the coalition and equipping your ship with the necessary apparatus, you are thrown into an unparalleled gaming world, overflowing with entertaining flourishes and shocking revelations.  Engage in any number of activities: fight in the unfathomable depths of hyperspace, buy and sell exotic goods, perform dangerous government errands, and of course, liberate planets from the Dominators in real-time-strategy battles; a fully-3D game in itself!

The fate of the galaxy is in the balance.  All depends on your actions as a space ranger and their effect on the rich variety of characters you meet within the game.  Do you bring back the galaxy from the brink of destruction as the defender of civilisation?  Or do you lead your life as a notorious pirate and catalyse the coalition’s downfall?


  • 5 new text quests!
  • 27 new maps for planetary battles!
  • 10 new maps for hyperspace battles.
  • New equipment and unique hull designs, including three super spaceships.
  • New game modes: step-by-step progress through text quests and planetary battles.
  • Expanded interface of ship’s hold and information center.
  • More than 50 new governmental tasks of different types.
  • New unique equipment.
  • Galaxy search system improved.

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Space Rangers Re-Boot PC

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