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Inspector Gadget is the first fully gadgetised bionic inspector to work for Interpol. Originally just an ordinary local police officer stationed in a small provincial town, Inspector Gadget rose to his current position after slipping on a banana peel and injuring himself. The inspector was put together again with special bionic gadgets that aid him in his bid to stop Dr Claw and his MAD agency taking over the world. Of course his bionic ‘gifts’ are not without their problems!

Episode Listing:
Monster Lake
Inspector Gadget Saves The World’s Leading Scientist, From Being Kidnapped By Dr. Claw.
Safety Tip: Water Safety Tips.
Down On The Farm
Dr. Claw Has Stolen An Experimental Missile And Is Planning To Destroy Metro City. Gadget Must Find The Farm Where The M.A.D. Installation Is And Destroy The Missile. Safety Tip: Be Careful Around Farm Machinery And Livestock.
Gadget At The Circus
The M.A.D. Agents Trying To Destroy The Circus Are No Match For Inspector Gadget.
Safety Tip: Follow Traffi c Rules Carefully To Avoid Injury.
The Amazon
Inspector Gadget Prevents Dr. Claw From Kidnapping The Father Of Modern Bionics, Professor Von Slicksfein. Safety Tip: Airplane Safety For Passengers.
Health Spa
Inspector Gadget Foils Dr. Claw’s Plans To Destroy Him While On A Vacation At A Health Spa. Safety Tip: Keep Fit And Exercises Daily.
The Boat
Inspector Gadget’s Undercover Assignment Takes Place On A Luxury Liner Where The Wealthiest People In The World Are On Holiday. Safety Tip: Good Nutrition And Swimming Keep You Alert.
Haunted Castle
Dr. Claw Tries To Sabotage A Crime Fighter’s Convention Held At Count Dracula’s Home In Transylvania. Safety Tip: Campfi re Safety.
Race To The Finish
Inspector Gadget Foils Dr. Claw’s Plans To Win A Race Where The Prize Money Is A Million Dollars. Safety Tip: Safety Tips For Drivers And Passengers.
The Ruby
Dr. Claw Steals The Big Red Ruby Of India To Use In His Superlaser, Inspector Gadget And Brain Recover The Ruby And Return It To Its Rightful Place In India. Safety Tip: Minor Burn First Aid.
A Star Is Lost
A Famous Rock Star, Rick Rocker, Is Injured While Being Guarded By Inspector Gadget.
While Rick Rocker Recovers In The Hospital, Inspector Gadget Goes On In His Place.
Safety Tip: Safety With Electrical Equipment.
Art Heist
While Visiting In New York City, Inspector Gadget And Penny Must Stop Dr. Claw From Stealing Art Treasures From The Museum Of Modern Art. Safety Tip: Always Use A Leash When Walking Your Dog.
Volcano Island (Gadget Goes Hawaiian)
Inspector Gadget battles With Dr. Claw’s Mechanical Shark And A Phony Volcano.
Safety Tip: Always Be Careful Doing Home Repairs And Check Equipment First.
Pirate Island
Dr. Claw Is Kidnapping Billionaires And Stealing Their Money. Inspector Gadget Rescues The Captured Billionaires And Protects Their Money. Safety Tip: Skull And Crossbones On A Bottle Means Poison.
The Infiltration
M.A.D. Agent, Presto Change-0, Impersonated Inspector Gadget At A Secret Meeting. Chief Quimby And Penny Foil Their Evil Plans. Safety Tip: Keep Your Toys And Bicycles In Their Proper Place.
The Curse Of The Pharaoh (Poot-Ta-Foot’s Curse)
Inspector Gadget, Penny And Brain Protect The Poot-Ta-Foot’s Treasure From The Evil Clutches Of M.A.D. Safety Tip: Sun And Beach Safety.
All That Glitters
Inspector Gadget With The Help Of His Niece Penny, Stops M.A.D. Agents From Stealing Gold From The Ancient City Of Gold And Uncover A Real Gold Temple. Safety Tip: Preparing For A Trip.
Movie Set
Taking The Part Of A Knight Starring Opposite The Famous Lana Lamour (A M.A.D. Agent In Disguise), In A M.A.D. Movie, Inspector Gadget Saves The Military Secrets From Falling Into M.A.D.’S Hands. Safety Tip: When Climbing And Playing, Be Sure You’re Safe At All Times.
Amusement Park
M.A.D. Agents Have Hidden A Bomb In The Amusement Park In Metro City. With The Bomb Set To Go Off In A Half-Hour, M.A.D. Is Holding The City For Ransom. Inspector Gadget Must Find The Bomb. Safety Tip: Boat Safety Tips.


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Inspector Gadget: Box Set

Inspector Gadget: Box Set DVD

14,95 €


Inspector Gadget: Box Set DVD

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Inspector Gadget: Box Set
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