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The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition is an action game where the player controls the Hundred Knight. Players can enjoy this refreshing action game with simple controls.

Tactical Conversion:

The Hundred Knight can equip up to five weapons simultaneously and chain them together for a maximum 5-hit combo. This system is called Tactical Conversion! The further into the combo you go, the stronger each attack becomes. Create your own unique attack patterns by equipping all manner of weapon sets.

Giga Calories and Consuming:

Hundred Knight will grow hungry the longer it is away from Metalllia. Its hunger level is measure in Giga Calories (Gcals). Once this number falls to zero, Hundred Knight will forcibly be returned home. If you want to quickly replenish your Gcals, consume a weakened enemy.

Attack Elements:

There are three attack elements recognized in Medea: Slash, Blunt and Magic. Inflict greater damage by using the element that enemy is weak against. It is important to know your opponents and your weapons.

  • Slash - Common in Swords and Lances. Many slash weapons deal pure damage to enemies.
  • Blunt - Common in Spears and Hammers. Due to its stunning properties, blunt weapons can stop enemies dead in their tracks.
  • Magic - Common in Staves. Can cause status ailments such as poison and sleeps.


Hundred Knight's abilities and appearance change depending on the equipped facet. HP/RES and weapon proficiencies shift based on the facet used, so switch it up depending on the map and the enemies being faced.

  • Wander Knight - Hundred Knight's original facet. It has an average compatibility with all equipment, making it well rounded.
  • Power Fortress - A tough-looking facet meant for high HP and physical attack/ defense. It is strong against slash and blunt attacks, but is quite weak against magic.
  • Marginal Gaze - This facet is strong with staves and spears, and is good at dealing magic damage. However, it prevents you from gaining karma.


Tochka skills embody and release Hundred Knight's remaining powers. Tochka represents the power of 99 knights. Summon Tochka allies as traveling companions, or as a trump card in a tough battle.

  • Type 1 Mini Knight - An independent-type Tochka. You can summon up to eight to a time. Once summoned they will fight on their own. These cute things will follow Hundred Knight around
  • Type 8 Time Bomb - A bomb-type Tochka. Its detonation is a time-based and can destroy magic walls. Its blast will also inflict damage to anyone within range, including Hundred Knight, so be careful when handling this hot potato.
  • Type 10 Diallo - An arrow-type Tochka. You can summon up to three at a time. It can be used as a long-range projectile or to operate certain devices. Use the lock-on function to guide the arrows toward targets.

Battle Techniques:

  • Mystical Dodge - Dodge attacks to the very last moment to activate Mystical Dodge, which lets Hundred Knight become invincible and slows time temporarily.
  • Use it to run away to safety or perform a super strong attack on an enemy.
  • Extra Chain - Defeat an enemy in one hit to activate Extra Chain. Once activated, Hundred Knight will instantly move to the nearest enemy and inflict its next attack. The longer the chain, the stronger the attacks will become.
  • Chaos Revelation - Use Chaos Revelation to release Hundred Knight's locked potential. However, using Chaos Revelation will consume Gcals at a rapid pace and will not stop until all Gcals are depleted. This is a special action to use against the mightiest of opponents.
  • Psysical Revelation - Gather grade points to increase stats or replenish Gcals. The effects of grade points will reset upon exiting a map, so use them freely!

Tower of illusion:

An exciting, new dungeon from "The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition". Enter the Tower of Illusion by offering a weapon. The enemies and dropped items in the tower are determined by the strength of the weapon. Offer strong weapons to fight strong enemies!

  • Summon Metallia - In the Tower of Illusion, the player can obtain "Concentrated Mana". By gathering enough Concentrated Mana, the player will be able to summon Metallia for a certain amount of time.
  • Regular and Charge Attack - Summon a sword and perform up to a 3-combo attack. By holding down the button, the player will be able to perform a charge attack.
  • Magic Attack (Five Way Spell) - Cast spells that burst into five directions, destroying all enemies in your path.
  • Magic Attack (Mega Magic) - Perform a lightning spell that strikes down enemies in a large aread.
  • Magic Attack (Vacuum Enemy) - Suck enemies into one space. Use this to defeat all enemies at once!


In the tower of Illusion, "Alchemy" can be used to upgrade weapons by gathering "catalysts". Depending on the type of catalyst, you can not only increase your ATK, DEF and HP, but much more!

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  • PEGI 16
  • Playstation 4
  • NIS America
  • The Witch and the Hndred Knight


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